A Little History


February 23, 2009 – Augusta Trails incorporated

April 16, 2009  –  Augusta City Council unanimously approves creation of Nordic ski trails at Bond Brook Recreation Area (BBRA)

May – Augusta Trails engages Morton Associates to design “world class” Nordic ski trails at BBRA

May – ongoing – Augusta Trails’ volunteers, City of Augusta, and others begin construction of trails at BBRA

September 17 – Augusta Trails purchases “ginzugroomer” snow groomer and snowmobile for grooming of Nordic trails at BBRA and other area trails

September 28 – Augusta Trails meets with UMA Vice President Sheri Stevens to discuss linkage of UMA trails and BBRA trails once BBRA trails completed

October 2009 – Augusta Trails begins $480,000 Capital Campaign to fund the Bond Brook Recreation Area Trails Project

October 28, 2009  – Augusta Trails proposes to President of Maine Senate legislation that would exempt from state sales tax equipment used to build, maintain, or groom public recreational trails

October 2009 – ongoing – Augusta Trails collaborates with Augusta City Recreation in forming Augusta’s first “Bill Koch League” program – teaching area youth to cross-country ski.

November 2009 –  At request of Augusta Nature Club, Augusta Trails reaches out to Elsie Viles for creation of linkage, over Viles’ land, connecting Augusta Nature Trails and Viles Arboretum

December 2009 –  Augusta Trails proposes to Governor’s office a linkage between Viles Arboretum and Greenway Trail over state’s East-side campus

December 9, 2009 – Augusta Trails adopts logo


January 5 –  IRS grants Augusta Trails Section 501(c)(3) tax exempt status

January –  Cole Bros. begins excavation of Nordic trails at BBRA

February – Augusta Trails approaches MaineGeneral Medical Center to request its granting of an easement to City of Augusta to create linkage between end of Eastern Avenue and Greenway Trail.  MGMC agrees to grant the easement

March – Augusta Trails is “Charity of the Month” at Bay Wrap

April 1 – Augusta Trails signs contract with City of Augusta allocating duties for the development, maintenance, use, support, and promotion of the BBRA trails systems

May 27 –  Second grade classes from Lincoln School receive education on Bond Brook forest ecosystems, history, and silvaculture at BBRA – first educational program for kids at BBRA

July – Augusta Trails undertakes first membership drive

August 12 – City Council votes unanimously to accept easement from MGMC to create linkage between end of Eastern Avenue and Greenway Trail

August 25 – Augusta Trails agrees to provide $7,600 in matching funds to support City of Augusta’s application for grant to construct trail between Cony HS and Farrington School, the first step in connecting the Augusta Nature Center trails with the Viles Arboretum trails

September 28 – Capital Planning Commission unanimously endorses creation of linkage between Viles Arboretum and Greenway Trail over state’s East-side campus

October 2 – Bill Rogers leads 20 area artists on tour of BBRA, kicking off an ongoing association between artists and BBRA

October 7 – In cooperation with City of Augusta and GAUD, Augusta Trails arranges for purchase of Pisten Bully for grooming of Nordic trails at BBRA


January 9 – Augusta Trails hosts first NENSA-sanctioned Nordic ski race at BBRA – the “Bond Brook Inaugural”

January 21 – Colby Carnival inter-collegiate ski races held at BBRA, establishing the area as a Nordic ski competition site

Constructed 5 more miles of recreational trails at Bond Brook

Placed key trail-junction signage at Bond Brook

Constructed Phase 1 of a connecting trail between the Bond Brook trails and the UMA trails

Constructed Phase 1 of a connecting trail between the Augusta Greenway and Viles Arboretum

Initiated and facilitated MGMC’s giving an easement to the City of Augusta for a linkage trail between Augusta Greenway and Eastern Ave.

Hosted an inaugural 10mile/5k trail running race event at Bond Brook

Hosted a 6-week 5k summer trail running series at Bond Brook

Designated as host (at Bond Brook) of a major Eastern Cup Nordic race